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"the best experience ever!"
Over the past decade Galilee by the Sea has hosted groups to the Carolina coast for amazing and inspiring times with community service camps.  With the opening of our 9000 square foot chapel/community center, events for special needs persons and arts programs are attracting groups from across America and beyond!
From corporate and nonprofit retreats to regional art/dance/music events, Galilee by the Sea is a great choice for your organization.  Our group-building sessions enable corporate groups to communicate and coordinate with new skills and achieve results.

I absolutely loved it!  This setting is ideal for retreats!  Great group-building!

It was great to interact with the family we were helping, especially the little girl!
It is remarkable how cohesive our group has become.  A delightful and effective experience!

It was a joy to be able to assist in making her home safe and livable.  It was humbling to see her need in the light of our many blessings.  I thank God for giving me the means and ability to help.

It was fantastic!  I loved all the projects we worked on!

Wonderful!  Really fun!  The team-building was totally inspiring!

Really fun!  The singing was amazing!
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